Why October 20th?

There are 365 days in a year. Why did I choose October 20th to publish my debut novel?

D. M. Sonntag

10/14/2020 1 min read

I spontaneously decided to put my debut novel, The Lightning Bride, up for Kindle Pre-Order on October 11th. It's only been three days since, and six days until launch date, but this has felt like the longest nine days of my life. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration, though it has seriously felt dragging on. My original plan was to tell everyone "hey the book is up!" and give them instant gratification. Now I'm restlessly waiting to give them the gratification after I told them "hey it's up for pre-order." It's ready, so why not just let them have it now?

For one, I would have to cancel my Pre-Order and I'm pretty sure Amazon gives you a no-no for a year or something if you do that. But truly the question is why am I waiting to launch on October 20th when it was ready two weeks before? If I had it, why didn't I just release it? Sure, there's the answer about marketing and setting a launch date to get people hyped and grow your fan base. But why did I pick October 20th? Why not October 1st? Why not any other date?

October 20th was my grandfather's birthday. I had really hoped to publish my first novel before he passed because every Christmas I would receive a book as a present. After I opened it, seated next to him, he would always ask to see it. He loved reading, and also would receive a book as one of his presents, so he was always curious to see what I was into. I would always hand it over so he could inspect the cover design and read the back blurb. I really wish I could have given him my book one Christmas and see the surprise on his face when he read that the author was me.

So publishing on his birthday is the closest I can get. Hopefully there are bookstores in heaven.

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